~Ithica is one of the two main cities of the Central Lands. It is a vast port city, full of life, ships, and lowlives.

The City

Ithica is a more lenient city than most. Blackmarket trade, smuggling, thieves, and other such crimes are commonplace all around the city. There exist honest men and women, but they're overshadowed by those that thrive in the underworld of the city. Stratification is extreme in the city, with commoners being significantly further in class than the nobility, who often stick to themselves. The leaders and rulers will speak with one another, but seldom deal with the lower castes of the city, leaving them to fend for themselves. As a result, organized criminals give rise to a new system of security and life in Ithica. From smuggling clans, to gambling dens, all of them exist, but the highest group of all are the pirate clans.

The city is divided into three districts: the water district, the pantheon district, and the core district. The water district is the area by the sea, bustling with the life of pirates, smugglers, but even some honest naval workers. The pantheon district houses the secluded nobility, who have little care in the dealings of those below them. They are protected in their small district, and content with how their lives are. The core district is everything inbetween. From the liveliest tavern, to the saddest of shops, everything that can be imagined within a city is in this district. The area, unfortunately, is highly crowded, and resembles a slums in most areas. Ramshackle houses litter the sides of the streets and the poor run freely. This harsh life caused many to turn against the law, as it had not helped them before.