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The Ithican IslandsEdit

Out of Character Information:
Hello, I am ForThaLord, I play Jam'Ka DeCosta who is the Grand Witch Doctor of the Crystal Isles. This is just player lore about a specific type of job that without this would be very vauge and hard to handle without this page. I will be going over the history of the Witch Doctors and the main 'powers' of Witch Doctors, as well as what you need to do if you want to play one. You -COULD- play a witch doctor without using this lore but I reccomend it because it would cause a lot of confict between characters that is entirely unnessiary.
So, you want to be a Witch Doctor:
That is great! I would like to see what your plans are for your character are, and would like to see how you can play them. I would prefer not to have other native Witch Doctors, due to the confict of terms and other such things. It would be easier to have a character learn from Jam'Ka or any other Witch Doctors who learned from him. So Just send me (ForThaLord) a message on Enjin.
The History of the Witch Doctors:
The Witch Doctors were created when the first native tribesmen began to inhabit the island chain to the south of Ithica. They first began as simple medicine men, designated by the chiefs of the various tribes to study plants for medicinal purposes. They quickly grew into a growing group and turned secretive after they discovered that not only could plants be used to help, but they could be used as formidable weapons. They had an air of mysticism about them and were vary diverse inside their own group. They set up a specific hierarchy and a way to deal with criminals inside their instituations. as this happened common people started to regard them less as doctors and more was shamans and sorcerers, and not reason, many of the things they could do were beyond understanding due to their secretiveness. This went on for years. They slowly became intwined themselves in the gods and spirits of the islands. They belived what the common man belived and it corrupted them.
A few groups began to meddle in black magic and rituals to kill, not to help. This wasn't real magic, as they used their knowlage of plants to harm the people they wished to. This no only caused a rift inside of the Witch Doctors, but also between them and the common man. The Witch Doctors were the only way for them to get medical help, and when they became afraid of them, they stopped seeking them out. Many people died of disease and injuries due to this happening. The Witch Doctors who were against Black Magic, known as Voodoo, were called the Goma, or Good Witches, the ones who practiced Voodoo, were known as the Izan. After a period of time, the leaders of the Goma held a council to determine what should be done about the Izan. They decided that they should be cursed to Igdo, known as 'Life of a Thousand Dreams'. This is an induced cataonic state that lasts as long as the inducer wishes it and can only be counteracted by a specific medicine.
One of the Goma infiltrated the Izan and poisoned their water supply with the Igdo. They were all affected. The Goma placed them all in a cave on a deserted island that was known as a ritual ground for the Izan and the common men stayed away in fear of the dangers that lurked there.
The Legacy of the Witch Doctors faded over time as men from the north colonized the islands. Much was regarded as false. Much of what they did was regarded as sorcery. the need for them dwindled as physicians and medical professionals settled the islands, and the Witch Doctors faded into nothingness...
Or so the common man thought. Knowlage never fades, it only gets passed down.